Monday, October 19, 2009

With lines in my head


Surely I'm awake
Monday's just a state of mind
--A slap in the face.

Morning moon, don't blink--
That bloody, bruised sunrise brings
Dark violence from the west.

Last night's bright stars
Fell to my yard
First frost.

On Fall

That field of winter wheat
Newly green in January
Fall finds fallow.

Trees drop leaves like tears
A quiet sob of regret
First day of fall .

Drove to work this morning
In a seashell turned upside-down
A sky turned blue and opal pink
Yet not a sea in sight.

Windy this morning
And the moon clung to Venus
As if she could be blown away.

Just a Walk

Voices from a dark deck
Fountains splash in stormwater ponds
The heron doesn't care.

Halogen streetlight outlasts the orange sunset
Someone's dryer freshens the air
Evening in the suburbs.

With John Mayer in my head