Thursday, July 3, 2008

About, where's my summer vacation?

Because I am not pleased with the state of the weather here in northern Ohio.
We always spend this first week of July here, and while it's not unusual to have a day when it's stormy or showery, it's unheard of to have a week when it's stormy, showery and cool.
Like this year.
Oh yesterday was not too bad...but today is back to CLOUDS. And RAIN.
We did sneak up to Sandusky and visited a bar on Perkins Avenue that is home to an eagle's nest in its backyard. Yes, a working bar, with beer patio, sand volleyball court, and country music blaring from speakers. DDT really hurt music, not so much.
And then, with umbrella in hand, we visited Sheldon's Marsh, a nature area just off Rt. 6, which is the original entrance to Cedar Point. We walked about a mile on the paved trail, taking a looping trail through the woods next to the marsh area. Lots of nature to enjoy, but the best part of the walk is having Lake Erie to the east and west. The waves were roaring on both sides of the long peninsula from the stiff north breeze, breaking far out into the lake.
The sky was gray, the water was gray, and the stiff surf kept the lake free of any watercraft--usually it's busy with all kids of seadoos, sailboats, small craft, etc.
We saw a snowy egret on the golf course next to the reserve (Sawmill Creek), and the gulls soared overhead, and a couple of chipmunks entertained us by running ahead of us and fighting, just like Chip and Dale.
But I missed the sun, and the heat. I miss summer.
I'm watching the weather channel. Yep, it's gonna warm up and sun up...right in time for me to go back to work!

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