Saturday, January 24, 2009

About Friday

What I like about Friday

When I wake up and remember what day it is.
Casual Friday.
Somebody brings in donuts.
Knowing it's the last drive to work of the week.
Having a schedule that's maybe not quite as busy as Thursday was.
Having somebody say, "Where we goin' for lunch?"
Going to Chinese buffet and talking about movies and what we're doing on the weekend and politics and news then reading our fortunes and half-believing them.
Friday afternoon.
Having somebody call or text and want to know, "What we doin' tonight?" then making dinner plans.
Checking stuff off the to-do list one by one, tidying up the week.
Realizing it's finally time to leave, and flying home.
Dinner at Outback, making weekend plans.
Home to a movie and knowing it's okay NOT TO DO ANYTHING FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING.
Going to bed, knowing the weekend stretches before you, time unowned.

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