Friday, March 27, 2009

About spring

I don't believe in spring


Not yet, not when there's frost

On the car I forgot to bring in last night.


I don't believe in spring

When the weekend's forecast shows snow,

And the furnace will again kick on, endlessly.


No, it's hard to believe in spring

When I'm grabbing a winter coat from the closet

And regretting I took my gloves from the pocket.


And where was spring  this morning,

When I woke in the dark, shivering,

Thinking of warm coffee and abandoned blankets?


O spring, cruel phantom,

Meteorological tease,

Vernal equinox who?


You've fooled those birds I heard singing

When I opened the front door this morning,

Before even the sun got up.

Although the sun seems confused --

So warm on my back, and

Forgetting t to set until long into evening.


I've warned the trees in my yard--

Budding rapidly - -that this

Is something they'll regret. To no avail.


You go ahead. Get all excited and open your windows.

Not me. I won't be falling for that errant warm day


Because I don't believe in spring.

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