Monday, April 13, 2009

UPDATED: About the movies I watched, whatever they were

I love watching movies. But there are so many movies, so little time.
On an Ohio visit, time expands a little, and I might get to watch a couple.
This weekend, it was A League of their Own (again), Kiss Me Kate (first time), Outsourced (also new), Ten Commandments (part of), The Sound of Music (part of) and ... another one. That I'm forgetting.
Oh GOD that I'm forgetting.
We watched one late Friday afternoon, before Outsourcing (our evening movie), and I cannot remember for anything what it was.
What is wrong with my memory that I can't recall such a little thing? Or maybe that's it--it's a little thing, and my brain in its, ah, maturity, let's call it, tends to just dispose of any bit of knowledge not necessary to function.
I have gone to great lengths to find out what it was. I've searched several TV schedules (I can't even remember what CHANNEL it was on), searched through the newspaper TV listings, tried to look on Netflix (had to log in but have cancelled my membership), and tried to clear my mind of all distractions.
Still no memory of that movie.
Oh, I really should tell you this. I'd also forgotten the late-evening movie, the one we watched AFTER Outsourcing. I was racking my brains over that one on the way home, listening to NPR and trying to distract myself. When, between news segments, the music was ... Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Which then reminded me ... of just what I needed.
I am holding on to my ace in the hole.
I can call my dad. I know he'll remember.
But the thought of calling an almost 86-year-old man for something I'VE forgotten is just ... embarrassing.
But if I go crazy enough trying to remember, I'm going to have to make that call. Before HE forgets.
UPDATE: I remembered.
My Cousin Vinny.


julia ward said...

Isn't it amazing how time seems to stand still in New London. It's a good place to go to "find yourself", renew yourself, or just take a step back.

I really enjoy your writing and short takes on "our roots".


Anonymous said...

I love movies as well you sound like my husband and I on the weekends! We sometimes love to watch a whole bunch of movies.