Thursday, May 1, 2008

About thinkin'

I'm also thinkin' I pay way too much attention to Oprah, but I've already written about that.
I woke up thinkin' about thinkin' because I read Eckhart Tolle's book, A New Earth, as promoted by The Big O Herself.
And why I would a read such a book? Partly for research. Her online class caught my attention--since I work for a book publisher, I was curious as to how the class would be presented.
And of course with the resources The Oprah Colossus has to offer, it was a first-rate job, although at least the first class or two they had so many hits on their servers some people had iffy connections.
But the sessions are available after the live event, there are workbooks and questions, and opportunities to connect with other readers, and of course tie-ins with Oprah the Show. And Oprah the Magazine (O).
I watched a little of the first live session, but just haven't had/taken the time to watch any more.
But I did read the book, all the long miles from Fort Wayne to Minneapolis, a couple weeks ago. Echhart Tolle on the it were.
You know, I'm not a psych-y kind of girl. I'm not a person who dissects other people, I don't ponder motives, I don't try to get in your head. Because I know your head is not a place I want to be in.
And I'm a pretty straightforward kind of gal. I don't want or need to manipulate you, I don't want much from you, I don't actually really even need you. (And if you try to manipulate me, the only reason I'm going to pick up on it is because I'm 52 years old and have learned to recognize the signs. At 25--not so astute.)
I'm not complex, I'm not deep, I'm not a bunch of stuff other people are. Do you want drama? Not gonna find it here.
And my psychology education has amounted to a couple college requirements. So I'm not up on Freud or Jung and whoever else is the flavor of the era in what makes people tick.
So I can't even begin to analyze or criticize Tolle's book on a psychological level. I don't know what I don't know. But I do know enough that old Eckhart might be on some shaky psychological ground in a few chapters.
Because old Eck is all about what you're thinkin', and that voice in our heads that we think is us, but it turns out, is not really who we are, that it's often a bad voice telling us things about ourselves that might or might not be true and the voice is probably keeping us from knowing our true selves and being the spiritual is-ness we really are.
I tried to follow Eck's advice and shut my inner voice up as I was reading along, to little avail. I was having a hard time finding that inner me that hangs around calmly in the infinite now. My in-the-moment-me, in full voice, seemed to be filling up my head pretty loudly. And insistently.
Ah, sorry, Eck. I'm afraid my voice is me. Some days we're more calm than others, but the effort to shut me up is just too, too much. I'm kind of used to me, so I think I'll keep me. How psycho is that?
What about you? Can you enter into the silent, infinite now-ness of the true you?

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