Monday, December 31, 2007

About 133 posts

My first blog, Common Sensibilities, has 988 posts. I'm not sure how many of them came in 2007, but I've been posting there since 2002. Not bad, huh? That blog has changed over the years--if it was a little more literary in the beginning, now it's a little more personal and sometimes Ft. Wayne-oriented. And it's more fun than ever.
We're newbies here. I started this one in August, and you're reading the 133rd post. Thank you everybody who's stopped by! My site stats show a steady, if small audience, and the occasional comment always makes my day.
I wanted this blog to be a little more regular--my goal was to post every day, and I managed to do that til this holiday season (mostly). December's been my downfall! And I came up with the "I woke up thinkin'" theme as a way to keep my posts contemporary, yet personal. Lots of the time, it works pretty good! I wake up thinkin' about a wide variety of stuff. And, knowing I have to write about it, makes me think about stuff a little more interesting than, "Did I pay that water bill," or "Do I have to wash my hair this morning?" or worst of all for the reader, "What am I going to wear!?"
But the fun thing is, if I could come up with a clever enough riff on any of those things, I COULD write about them! And have!
I also promised myself I would not write a bunch of posts that started, "I woke up thinkin' about my dream last night...," because I figured, who the heck wants to hear about my dreams! But I even break than rule once in awhile if I have a nutty enough dream, like the one last night where I was staying in a Hyatt hotel in New York City and instead of an elevator to take you to your floor, you rode a train! A big one! It might have even been a steam train!
I told myself I'd post on this blog til the end of the year, and see how it was going, and if it was still fun, and anyone was reading.
Well, a few people are reading, and it is still fun, so on I go. Come along!
Happy New Year everybody!

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