Sunday, December 16, 2007

About WHAT! More snow!

The snow yesterday was kind of like when the Whos in Whoville beginning singing after they've discovered that the Grinch has taken their presents. It started in slow then in started to grow.
We saw it on the radar long before it fell to the ground. Finally about noon or so we saw actual flakes.
At times we had what they call on TV a "wintry mix" which means a miserable bunch of snow, rain and sleet all together for awhile. I would called it a "miserable mix."
But mostly we got snow, and it got harder all day. Still snowing like crazy at 8 a.m. Blowing a bit too.
The snow blower got put to use, and the front porch got shoveled, and inside it's cozy and smells like coffee and cinnamon rolls.
Now it's time to figure out something for lunch, and pretty soon it'll be time for football.
If the weather was nice, we'd be fighting some traffic and mall crowds and shopping and all that.
Instead, outside it looks a lot like Christmas, and I'm going to stay home and enjoy it.
The stores will be there tomorrow.
How about you? In or out?

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