Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About dancing at weddings

How most of us are so awkward at it.

And lots of us don't care, and dance anyway. Although some just won't dance.

How pleasant it is to watch someone who dances well.

How sorry I am that I know what liturgical dance is.

The pleasure of watching children dance--the wild abandon of it, the concentration they give it, the joy it gives them.

How beautiful a bride looks as she dances, white dress flowing, smiling, laughing, secure knowing all eyes are on her.

How people enjoy dancing in groups, whether to the Electric Slide or the Hokey Pokey.

When a slow song starts, all the recreational dancers sit down, and all the couples jump up.

People still dance to YMCA, but groan as they do so.

Twist and Shout, still gets people on their feet. 

Dancing with the Stars does not seem to have improved the quality of dance at most informal functions.

One should probably really give more than one dollar during the "Dollar Dance" at a wedding.

The amount of time before the groom and his party remove their tux coats is directly relational to the amount of alcohol consumed before the dancing begins.

It's all about the DJ.

It's extremely difficult for anyone to dance to "Sweet Home Alabama."

"Dance as if no one is watching"-type dancing should probably not be attempted ... in public.

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