Monday, September 22, 2008

About things that make fall tolerable

The clearness of the sky.

The sweet and sticky crunch of a caramel apple. (Because an apple is healthy no matter what it's wrapped in. Or especially because of said wrapping.)

Football lights glowing from the high school on Friday nights.

Music wafting over the neighborhood during marching band practice in the evening.

Putting on jeans for the first time all summer and they still fit.

Fall street fairs.

Warm days that linger well into October.

Leaves going brilliant, even though they fall after.

The scent of leaves burning in a neighbor's yard.

Knowing the election will finally be over in a few weeks. As in, on my birthday.

Turning off the air conditioner for good.

Lots of candy on the shelves at the grocery.

Planning a trip to Chicago.

The World Series.

Maybe combining the last two for the first time ever.

Realizing I really have to work to come up with a whole post of things to like about fall. Because I miss summer already. And it's three seasons away.

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