Tuesday, September 9, 2008


These walls, this chair, that screen.

Listening, always listening. Personal Muzak. Don't bother me.

Too quiet, too noisy, your phone call, his conversation. 

I think: shut. up.

Reading, reading. Typing. 

Can't find something. Familiar frustration. Looking.

The comfort of a Diet Coke.

And another.

And the bathroom.

Thinking not about what I'm doing. What I'm going to do. What I'm reading. What I wish. Maybe I worry. Maybe.

Something else.

Phone rings. Question answered.

Time and time and time. Same hours, different day.

Email and write and send.


Cross another off the list.

Too quiet, too noisy, too cold, too warm.

Thinking, typing, reading, writing, breathing, talking. Working.


Wondering--how came I to this cubihell? How. Is this -- ?

These walls, this chair, that screen.

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