Sunday, October 12, 2008

About 10 questions regarding Cathy's trip to Minnesota, for the2nd time this year

Cathy spend the weekend coming and going to Minnesota! Let's find out more!

1. Cathy, why did you go to Minnesota AGAIN?
To a wedding, of course, my nosy friend! My BFF's youngest son was married in Mille Lacs/Onamia.

2. Where/what the heck is Mille Lacs?!
It's a beautiful area about 2 hours north of Minneapolis, my geographically challenged friend. On an Ojibwe Indian Reservation, there's a big casino and resort. There's also a big lake. And did I mention the casino?

3. Okay, we'll bite on the casino. How'd you do?
Your concern is appreciated, my thoughtful friend. I'm chicken to play 21 and I suck at slots. Even penny slots. In other words: I did badly. But it was fun trying because they have free pop.

4. Free pop? Weren't you too sloshed from the free booze?
Unfortunately not, Kemosabe. Mille Lacs is a dry county. I mean, desert dry. Nada. Smoking at the casino--okay. Drinking at the casino--doesn't happen.

5. So how cold was it in Minnesota? We're sure winter has hit up there.
Not so much, my meteorologically inclined friend. While no record warm temperatures were set, it was a balmy 66, although much more cloudy with more chances for rain.

6. How about the fall color? Past peak?
I'd say, just at peak, my nature-loving friend. Many more reds and yellows than we see here. Also, more evergreens of the pine persuasion.

7. Okay, so you flew into Minneapolis. We know the airport is right next door to THE MALL of America and your personal Mecca, IKEA. Did you bite?
Fifty-fifty, my shopoholic friend. Indeed we could not pass THE MALL without a short lunch stop at Bubba Gump's and a quick dart into Marshall's. So sadly, IKEA must wait for another day.

8. In this time of financial crisis, how do you gauge the mood of the traveling/gambling public?
A discerning question, my inquisitor. Airports: busy. Airplanes: VERY full, to standby levels. Mall: Busy. Casino: Packed. Topics of conversation: Anything BUT the value of one's 401K.

9. And how was the wedding?
Tip-top and smashing, Miss Manners. The bride and groom, teachers both, were young and beautiful; the bridal party a fun-loving bunch; the families pleased with the union; the ceremony, heart-felt and joyous; the reception, a damn fine party. And did I mention the cake?

10. So, was the manic pace of the trip worth it?
Any trip that includes a visit to the Mall of America and wedding cake, my solicitious friend, is more than worth it. Plus, we saw two windmills on the way to the event. And, we got to dance to Hey, Ya! Now that's my kind of reception.

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