Tuesday, October 28, 2008

About a chance of snow

Hearing the furnace kick on in the night,
feeling the warm air on my face. A drowsy sound.

Waking up and it's dark; reluctant to leave the warm flannel sheets.
A great act of will power to arise.

Peeking out the window. Afraid to see white.
But just the darkness of the lingering night.

Opening the door, letting the cat out, a blast of chill air wakes me up too quickly.
The wood floor cool to my feet.

In the sanctuary of the kitchen, I begin the liturgy of the coffee.
Its incense fills the house, a simple gift.

Getting ready, a shower cleansing and reviving me.
Blessed water.

Donning my office armor.
Putting on my game face, a sturdy defense against the day.

Turning on the radio to a litany of bad news.
Not the least of which is, a chance of snow.


Joe said...

Yeah, that "chance of snow" put me in a weather-funk. Great post!

Cathy said...

Thanks Joe!