Monday, October 6, 2008

About the conversations I overheard

Just walking around at the Apple Festival on Sunday.

"... I think there's a entrance in the fence over this way by the grandstand...."

"What is that?" "It's from the basket-weaving tent." "But what is it?" "It's a potholder or something."

"Did you see the debate the other night?" "Yea, I thought Sarah Palin...."

"Your candle looks like a banana."

"Do you want to make a doll?" "That's not a doll." "It's a doll made of corn husks." "That's not a doll."

"Mommy I need a drink." "Do you want some root beer?" "Mommy do I like root beer?" "Yes."

"I might buy that basket." "What's it for?" "For the cat." "I don't think the cat will sleep in that basket."

"Where are the elephant ears?" "That booth is closed." "But I saw people walking around with elephant ears!" "Don't ask me."

"Do they have caramel apples without the nuts?" "Do you want a whole apple or one cut up?" "I don't care, I just don't want nuts."

"And I think he is for McCain, but there's no sign in the yard...."

"Where did all these people come from?" "Can't just be Kendallville."

"Let's go listen to the music." "I want to dance." "You can dance." "You dance with me." "Ah, no."

"Let's go to the craft area." "It's in the livestock barn." "Well I hope they cleaned it out."

"They're shearing sheep over there." "Why do they do that?" "We make clothes from the wool." "Oh, yuck!"

"Did you hear this joke on Fox News? No African-Americans are going to vote for Obama because...."

"Did we have that last year? I thought we had the Caramel Apple Sundae...."

"Yea, it goes until 5...."

"Where'd we park?"

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Joe said...

This was nice little - and very interesting - walk through the festival!