Friday, January 4, 2008

About Iowa

I like Iowa. I mean, I've never been there, but I'm sure it's a fine state, because I've seen the movie.

My first impressions of Iowa came to me through our favorite family movie, back when I was a kid: "The Music Man." Takes place in River City, Iowa, you know, or as the song says, "I-o-way." You really ought to give it a try.

Prof. Harold Hill could sell me anything, and he certainly sold me Iowa. (I'm also fond of Oklahoma, though I've never been there, either, for similar cinematic reasons.)

(And, living in Hoosierland, I must mention that Prof. Hill was a graduate of the Gary Conservatory of Music, class of aught-five.) (And, of course Marian the librarian pointed out that the conservatory wasn't even founded until aught-six! Details!) (And I grew up thinking Gary, Indiana, must be a wonderful place indeed, courtesy of Prof. Hill and little Winthrop. It probably was a wonderful place in aught-five. Nineteen aught-five, that is.)

Anyway, so after months of speeches, analysis of the speeches, analysis of the analysis (there's a reason the root of analysis is "anal"), projections, pools, interviews, ad nauseum, the Iowa caucuses -- which, it turns out, consists of all the Democrats in a town gathering in a big room, then migrating to the corner with the sign of the candidate they support -- (and candidates can be traded, which I imagine was like a big Red Rover game) are over.

Back in Indiana, the big word I feel over this whole Iowa thing is: disconnect.

When I heard that one of the candidates had placed 8,000 commercials, I was stunned. Because we will probably not see one commercial. Unless the Ohio race heats up, and the candidates advertise on our local stations, because we are so close to Ohio.

Indiana is a non-player in national politics, and maybe with good reason, as we are such a predictable place. And if you aren't always one of the predictable party, if you are a little independent (like me), well, you are really out in the cold.

Now it's all about New Hampshire, and good luck to 'em. Enjoy your day in the sun. Somebody's gonna win, somebody's gonna lose.

Even in Indiana, but you'll never hear about it. Shoot, they put our electoral votes up on the tote board NOW.

Well, how 'bout you? Are you still "undecided"?

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