Sunday, January 20, 2008

About what we do on Saturdays

On Saturdays we sleep in a little even when McKenna is around, cos she sleeps in too.
On Saturdays we make some turnovers and cinnamon rolls, and have them with our coffee and tea, and McKenna had pancakes too, and ate them all.
On Saturdays we read the paper and everyone takes showers, and Jayme gives McKenna a bath, and I start the laundry and change the sheets and do the dishes, and Greg lets McKenna watch Dora until she quits, then watches ESPN, and Tony drinks more coffee.
On Saturdays the phone rings and it's Angela and more plans are made and then we get ready and leave for Julian's basketball game. And we go to the school and watch Julian make some good passes and score a couple baskets and guard a little boy who dribbles too much, and Matt holds McKenna and gets her a snack, and we talk to everybody and clap when we're supposed to.
On Saturdays we go out to lunch at IHOP and try to decide do we want breakfast or lunch, and talk about work and what the kids said/did, and make more plans, and laugh about how we wait in the foyer while Matt comes to get Angela because we don't have room in the car to take her.
On Saturdays we head home to watch some ballgames or take naps or play video games, depending on who we are, or go to the grocery, like me. And if you're me you wander around the grocery about four times because you forget stuff like hamburger buns or bottled water, which you really shouldn't buy anyway. And you see two people you know and say hi.
On Saturdays, Taylor comes over to spend the night because Caroline is at Carlee's with Julian and Ang and Matt have a party. And after the girls take naps they play together better than they ever have before, and Taylor calls McKenna "Kenna" and McKenna calls Taylor "Tay-Tay."
On Saturdays the guys grill up the steaks that got bought at the grocery and we throw some potatoes in the microwave and put some salad mix in bowls and make some cookies for dessert. And sit at the table and watch the girls eat their mac-n-cheese.
On Saturdays our only lament is that if we cook at home we have to clean it up, but with help it goes fast, even with the girls running about and through the kitchen.
On Saturdays we get an On Demand movie like Even Almighty and don't try to analyze it too much, and watch the girls play kitchen and tear our every. single. book. on. the. kids. bookshelf. And eat their snacks and drink their juice.
On Saturdays the girls get tired and Tony and Jayme have to take McKenna home, and they pack up and kiss everybody goodbye an dgo out in the cold. And Taylor is tired and watches one more Dora and then goes to bed and makes it through three pages of a Little Golden Book Snow White story until she falls asleep.
On Saturdays Greg falls asleep on the couch and HGTV is on and I think back about everything we did all day.
And that's what we do on Saturdays.

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