Monday, January 7, 2008

About when the holidays are really over

Religously, anyway, it was yesterday: Epiphany.
Decorating-wise, anyway, it was last Wednesday, when I took the needle-dropping tree down for another year, and it lays sadly on our patio, compost waiting to happen.
Fun-wise, last Tuesday, with our all-day buffet and football-watching marathon.
Workwise, the holidays will officially be over Thursday.
Why? Because this will be the first week in three that I've had to work an entire week. Five days. In a row.
Last week, thought it was back-to-work-time, was an absolutely wonderful, holiday-shortened, abbreviated, done-none-too-soon three-day week. I loved it.
Three days this week takes me up to Wednesday. So Thursday takes me into ... a normal, regular, five-day week. Five. Days. Of. Getting. Up. Early.
So Thursday will be it. Holidays, over.
And even worse: In a fit of bad planning and end-of-the-year procrastination, I put off all my yearly checkup-type appointments until ... January. Starting this week, and going into next. Every part of my body scheduled to be prodded, poked, examined, and judged healthy or not. (Well, thank goodness, except my mouth, cause I did go to the dentist on time, and I think I get to wait 'til February on that particular body part.)
Well, the thought of getting up five days in a row is exhausting me, so I'm going. To bed.
How about you? Are your holidays so over?

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Bartleby said...

On the checkups thing: me, too. I put off the appointments until the first of the year, when my paid-time-off account is freshly filled. Today it was the teeth, tomorrow the eyes. The "regular" doctor's not 'til next week.

More poking than I'd rather have ...