Saturday, January 5, 2008

About sheets

I had to quit reading O the Magazine, because it made me feel guilty and depressed, a fact that I believe I may have mentioned previously.

O the Magazine made me feel guilty and depressed because I always felt a total failure at all the self-improvement stuff Oprah is so rah-rah about, like being your best self now and being a better you and making the you you are the best you you can be.

And I also had to quit reading because of Oprah's advice about the sheets.

She got addicted to extremely expensive one-million-thread-an-inch Egyptian sheets or whatever, and not only that, she had to have fresh ones EVERY DAY.

One set of her sheets would feed us for six months (even with eating out). And washing and IRONING (I know somewhere, someone is still ironing his/her sheets, and this makes me feel very tired) those sheets. And changing those sheets. Every. Single. Day.

And it would be me doing all this linen stuff, because my husband would think this activity was just nuts and would have nothing to do with it. And because, unlike Oprah, I have no household help to assist in all this sheet.

Now, it's time for the confession: I only change our sheets every two weeks.

When I started working full time, 'way back in the early '80s, I discovered that many of the household chores, etc., that I once had done one way, I no longer had time to do in the same way. And I read an article about that time with suggestions on ways cut down on household stuff, and the every-two-weeks sheet-changing thing was one of the suggestions.

And I tried it, and we lived.

So when I heard about Oprah's sheet-changing habits, I was overcome with remorse and shame about my slatternly housekeeping.

Can you guess it was change-the-linens day at my house?

It was flannel sheets for us today, it being winter and all, and when I get into bed tonight, they will feel mighty soft and warm and, yes, clean.

No million-thread-an-inch sheets for us, but I know I'll sleep pretty good on what I have.

I'd like to try some of those sheets just once, though.

How about you? How's your housekeeping?

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Vanessa said...

My housekeeping is respectable, but I do not have ridiculous thread count sheets. If I had that kind of money, there are other things I would spend that money on.