Monday, February 18, 2008

About how good an ordinary day can be

It's when you get to sleep in a little, but not too much, 'cause while you need a little extra sleep, you don't want to waste the day.
It's when your husband goes outside to get the paper, then goes to get you pancakes and scrambled eggs, which means you don't have to cook.
It's when you have a minute to get your weekend chores started, like the laundry, and linen-changing, but know you've got more fun things to do.
It's when you go to a basketball game with a gym full of parents and kids, and not one person gets mad at a referee or a child. And your grandson makes some good passes and scores some baskets and, best of all, has a big smile on his face practically the entire time.
It's when you go out for lunch with your family and the two-year-old sleeps through the whole thing, and the four-year-old swipes the fries and eats all the pepperoni and wears her new purse over her shoulder the whole time, and it's full of Pokemon figures, her sparkly hand lotion, and a pretend hair dryer.
It's when you take an hour or so to help your daughter get her house picked up for a get-together in the evening, and you listen to Little Einsteins while you pick up toys and put clothes away. And you talk about what the kids are doing and which friends are coming over and "where do you want me to put THIS?"
It's when you go home and get some more chores down, like even MORE laundry!, and the dishes, and sweep the kitchen, and vacuum, and put away all the papers on the kitchen table that seem to appear magically EVERY WEEK!
It's when your son and daughter-in-law and baby Kenna come over for a "slumber party," and Kenna is in fine almost-two-year-old form, using the sectional sofa as her runway/trampoline. And you babysit for a bit after she goes to bed and her parents go to meet some old friends for a birthday celebration. And you watch I.U. basketball, under a cloud of embarrassment all week, play a great game and beat Michigan State.
It's when you go to bed, tired, but suddenly aware you've had a Saturday about as good as an ordinary Saturday gets.
How about you? How was your Saturday?

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