Thursday, February 21, 2008

About stuff I'd change if I could

And I DON'T mean heavy stuff, like world peace for all.Cos that's on someone else's blog.

I mean stuff to get you though the day, like:

When I drive up to my garage door, it opens just by me thinking "open" -- kind of like Microsoft Sync, only using the voices in my head. Hey, they've been annoying me for years -- why not put them to good use? Must I really put my cell phone down to push the remote button? Because I'm trying to text somebody something important that really can't wait one minute.

Anti-static spray that would repel EVERYTHING off of me--latte/tea/Diet Coke spots (and that Tide Pen commercial on TV is too true), white cat hairs, "pills," fuzz, lint, dirt, dandruff (not that I have any), crumbs, and unknown substances of all types. Oh! And that makes me smell really good, like cinnamon buns, maybe.

A mailbox lock that does not freeze, making it impossible for me to get my mail. And when I call the post office to tell them, they will say pleasantly, "Oh, I am so sorry your mailbox lock has frozen. Your neighborhood mail carrier will happily put your mail on your porch. Or you may stop by the branch and pick it up. Which is more convenient for you?" They will NOT say, "Well, you just have to wait for it to defrost" -- in what, JULY!!?? Have these people been talking to my newspaper carrier?

A paper carrier who understands what "Vacation Hold" means, and picks up clues that, even if they have not noticed they received one, there may indeed be one to follow. Which does NOT mean, stuff as many papers as possible in the tube, then let papers pile up around the base, so my neighbor has to get them. All this despite the fact I've called, emailed, and notified the newspapers AND them by every way short of smoke signals that will we are out of town for a week. Does not two or three days of papers not being picked up give the carrier even A CLUE that he might have to check to see is a VACATION HOLD has been placed? It seems not.

Changeable signage on my car that will alert people when: they have neglected to use their turn signals; exceeded the speed limit when passing me by more than 10 miles per hour; are participating in more than two of the following: smoking, and/or texting, and/or eating and/or putting on makeup and/or reading and/or looking at the floor of their car; have cut too closely in front of me (esp. with no turn signal); have pulled in front of me (esp. in Huntington County); are riding my rear bumper; have grabbed the parking space I was waiting for; are waiting too long for a parking space someone else is pulling out of; seem to be too short to drive--I can't see their head above the seat; are too young to drive, this would include all teenagers, who often are guilty of the third complaint; they neglect to turn their headlights on when it is dark, foggy, snowing, raining, or dangerous in any way. My sign MAY just include bad words for extreme situations, and perhaps even graphics, if you get my drift.

Oh there's more. That's why I have a blog.

How about you? How are you gonna change the world?

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