Tuesday, February 26, 2008

About Oprah, again. Or still.

I'd blogged before about my aversion to Oprah--the magazine, that is. I've just had to quit reading it--I always feel kind of depressed and inadequate in the face of its unrelenting self-actualization.
And until we got the DVR, I didn't watch the show very often, either--it was on before I got home from work.
But now, not only can I DVR it, I can watch it at 10:30 p.m., after the early news. So I guess I'm becoming an Oprah-watcher.
But when she has a how on like How to Look Good Naked and this one: Shlumpadinka Makeovers, well, what can I say? Anyone who likes fashion is okay with me.
That one about the Shlumpadinkas, now that was fun. I love the 10 basics everyone should have, and the lady who recommended the Brooks Brothers white shirt--brilliant! I wanted one immediately and so did everyone else who saw it.
And a show with Carol Burnett on it--I grew up on The Carol Burnett Show! How could I resist THAT?
And last night, when I needed to get to bed, what did she have on? This: Exclusive: Valerie Bertinelli Comes Clean About Living a Lie! I mean, Valerie Bertinelli! EDDIE VAN HALEN! Sex, drugs, rock and roll, and weight loss. How do you turn that off? Thank goodness for the DVR.
And even this one had its moments: Raising Sextuplets and Twins, Plus Sean Combs and TV Legend Phylicia Rashad. Those sextuplets people--I think they need an intervention from Dr.Phil. Those kids don't act too happy, and the parents seem stressed.
I signed up for the Eckhart Tolle class--I'm afraid the book will be lame, but, technolgically speaking, I want to see how they do the class.
I cruised the "be on the show" listings--who knows when they'll need a 52-year-old blogger from Fort Wayne? I need to be ready--all the more reason to watch the show!
I only watched half of that Valerie Bertinelle show. I've got it on the DVR. Gotta go!
How about you? What are you watchin'?

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