Friday, February 29, 2008

About Leap Day

It's a rather vaporous day, isn't it? Sometimes here, most times not.

In the paper on Thursday, the birthdays for Friday were listed in leap-years--for example, "Rapper Ja Rule is 8 (born in 1976)." I read another story online about a little girl who's 12...but celebrating her real birthday for the third time. And another lady was turning 19--in leap time. She's really 76. Read it here»

On, there's an article embracing the whimsy of February 29, calling it "a breather day, a day to catch up, a wild card...."

I wish. Because when I hauled my body out of bed this morning, it just seemed like one more day to go to work.

Do you know what the extra day is called in a leap year? "Intercalary."

Read a more than you want to know about leap years on:

Did you know that leap year is traditionally a time when women can propose marriage?»

Did you know that there is an Honor Society of Leap Year Babies?»

How can you figure out what year is a leap year? By using the Leap Year Calculator»

How to celebrate leap year? Of course there are online resources:

Why have a leap year (if you haven't visited any of the above links)? Because the actual length of a year is 365.242 days....

Need some leap year gifts? Oh yea, you can buy some»

Did you know there's a movie called Leap Year? Made in 1921»

Okay, enough.

How about you? How are you spending this intercalary day?

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