Sunday, March 16, 2008

About bracketology

Sometime between now and Wednesday, I'll sit down with a sheet of paper and a pencil, and practice some bracketology.
Yea, that's the old-fashioned way. But we need something to hang on our wall, along with the poster that will be in the paper, and we'll keep track for two weeks of who won and who lost and which family member has the most wins and who's picked the most losers.
Oh, I'm already signed up for Facebook brackets, so I'll fill that out too, and I may or may not pick the same teams I do on my printed bracket.
And I've got to see if I'm already signed up for CBS online. I signed up last year--do you have to sign up again?
Because certain people in this house are taking Thursday off, and being joined by certain other people taking the day off, and they are going to do nothing but watch basketball games all day. And I mean gameS.
Here's what I came home to one day last year on the first day of the tournament: the TV going with picture in picture. Two laptops going. Yes. They were watching four games at once.
In years past, Greg's workplace had a pool, and he'd bring home brackets for all of us and we'd pay our $5 each and not only follow along to see how we did against each other, but also how close any of us were to winning the prize. (Never very close). And you can only imagine how devastated the guys were to find that Jayme, not a fan, was actually in the lead for awhile a couple of years ago...and she had picked using uniform colors as her guiding principle.
Indiana has four teams in the tournament, so there will be plenty to root for. Our Hoosiers have had a rough patch, and lost a heart-breaker in the Big 10 Tournament, so who knows in what frame of mind they'll be in. And the Big 10 has four teams, so even I may find myself rooting for Purdue at some inopportune moment.
No matter who wins or loses, the sun comes up the next day, and there's always another game. But some of those close ones late in the evening make it hard to get to sleep!
How about you? What team is giving you insomnia?

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