Tuesday, March 11, 2008

About my organization

I hauled a blank notebook to work this morning, and I intend on marrying it and being faithful to it forever. Or at least until all my projects get done.

It's my new "to-do" notebook, and our union is a proactive one.

It's for my projects. At home. That I can't seem to get organized, or motivated to do, much less complete.

Do you read Real Simple? I do, and probably shouldn't. It's both very informative, and very depressing. It's full of great ideas and motivation. Still: Real Simple depresses me almost as much as O, Oprah the Magazine. Because I fail miserably at taking their advice and making my life into the post-modern nirvana it could be. Even, should be.

I've got too much in my head, too much to do, too little time, and sometimes, too little energy to accomplish everything I should.

I think this little brown notebook will solve all of those problems. Especially if I marry it. Here's why:

First, having too much in my head. If I keep this notebook with me, I can write down all the things I need to address, all the little (or big) projects, from cleaning out a cupboard to filing those bills to painting the entire house. I can keep my shopping lists. I can write down all the little worries that pop into my head, and brainstorm ways to solve them. Maybe by writing all those things down, I'll get them out of my head, and my head will feel a little more clear. Maybe I'll even find that some of the things I'm thinking about aren't even important enough to do at all!

Second, if I write down all these "do's," maybe I can prioritize them, and instead of feeling overwhelmed by all of it, I'll be able to fit them into the time I do have, and hence, cross them off my list. Out of the notebook, into the now!

Third, I do, after all, have 24 hours everyday, just like everyone else. If I have a list of organized projects, I can fit something into the time I do have.

Fourth, if I'm feeling more organized, I might feel more energized -- if I have a couple victories, that might adrenalize me, and I can get more done. I don't have to do it all in one day, ya know.

I've had a victory already! I started the desk area organization I've been putting off -- put cords and cables neatly in a new drawer organizer, put papers away, straightened printers and phones and network storage stuff up. I'm left with just one box of stuff to go through, and the whole corner looks at least 75% better.

In my notebook, I'll put my plans for the future -- the bookcases and TV stand and computer desk I'll look for on my next trip to IKEA. So that room can be really functional, plus nicer-looking.

I think I may found my own magazine: Dysfunctionally Simple.

Want to sign up?

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Anonymous said...

My friend Frank is my organizational buddy. Yes, I named my Franklin Covey planner, the one OSV bought me so long ago, because he has been so near and dear for so long. Truly, I could not live without him. He keeps me on time (and if I'm late, it's not his fault); he tells me what address I'm looking for; he remembers the name of the eye doctor I saw three years ago; he alone knows all my log-ins.

I saw a quote from Reese Witherspoon today about how she loves to organize. Something about heaven is three hours with a sock drawer. And I was feelin' her! If only I had the time to launch a second biz--like "Clean House." I love to rearrange and wipe down the bottles and jars and refold the towels in my linen closet. Align the condiments on the refrigerator shelf and spray off the mustard smudge.

I'm not sure whether I'd be a great professional organizer or whether I need professional help.