Wednesday, March 5, 2008

About my commute

You know, in the summer, I'd never wake up thinking about my drive to work. Because I'd just get in my car and go.

The exception to this would be if I was having car trouble--the kind where something sounds funny, or makes the car shake, or (the worst) smoke--something that I'd keep trying to diagnose for several drives until 1) I figure it out so I can take it and get it fixed; 2) the symptom quits; 3) the car quits. Of course, this can happen any time of year.

But in the winter--especially this Indiana winter--getting to work can be an adventure. And not of an enjoyable kind.

I was just reading an article this morning on about the mild winter northern Europe is having--they are worrying about global warming--indeed, the article says they are "confounded" by their weather.

I want to write northern Europe a letter:
Dear Northern Europeans, QUIT WORRYING! I've found your winter. It's here in northern INDIANA. Frigid temps? Check. Snow every day? Check? Whipping winds? Check. Lingering into March? Doublecheck! Come visit your winter anytime, it's missing you. Better yet, we're going to ship it back to you asap. Your cold friend, Cathy.

So, yesterday, a particularly nasty batch of stuff: freezing rain, sleet, snow. Sometimes all at the same time. (And it all seems to be coming on Tuesdays--what's up with that?) It depressed me for several reasons--one, after LAST Tuesday's snow, it had all melted over the weekend. I never thought brown grass could look so good. Second, it's March--it's time for spring to start creeping in, not winter to come roaring back. Third, I went to bed dreading the drive to work, and woke up thinkin' about how bad it might be.

Here's the good news: I made it okay. The skies had cleared, the sun was out, and it was all of 19 degrees. The roads were terrible, with ice under the snow, and I couldn't see edge lines or center lines, and some people wanted to drive as if the roads were dry, but I made it. Once again.

This batch will melt, too, eventually--not real soon, according to the forecast, but I don't think we'll have it around when summer really comes.

How about you? How was your drive?

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