Tuesday, March 25, 2008

About my meetings

We're a meeting kind of company. We love to have meetings. Or we hate it. We must love it: we have so many. There seems to be a tipping point: when we have too many, we hate it.
So there's a planning kind of meeting at 8:15 every morning, and I've been asked to start attending them.
I believe I have shared what kind of person I am: not a morning person, nor a night owl, but a "couple of good hours around lunch" type.
Definitely, not morning. That first hour at work, pretty shaky. Oh, I've learned to put on a good front. Now I have to keep it on during a meeting. Where I may be asked to think: even speak.
It's a short meeting, or supposed to be. Good thing.
I've been to three, I think now: hard to remember stuff that happens during a near-comatose state. Can I be held responsible for stuff I say? Probably.
And, as if my co-workers are helping? Because they are NOT! Why would anyone use these words in a sentence at 8:30 in the morning, and expect me to let it slide by without comment: "Tinky-Winky" and "hermaphrodite"? Really, Tyler, why? Why say those words? Because even I could not let them go by.
Let's just say, we agreed that Tinky Winky is not just straight, he's/she's probably gender-less and totally sex-less. Even with the purse.
But the TV in the tummy...now that I'm not sure about.
How about you? How's your meetings going?

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