Tuesday, August 14, 2007

About being petrifed

Because that's what was wrong with that frozen dead burglar guy in my dream of Sunday night.
After finishing The Deathly Hallows (three times), I've started rereading the Harry Potter series from book one. Remember in The Sorcerer's Stone where Hermione petrifies Neville? And how Hermione herself is petrified in The Chamber of Secrets? That burglar in my dream--in my head, I called him frozen, but the idea--all HP.
The more I beat this dream up, the more sense it makes, and it's all rooted in my everyday reality. And, no diss to Freud, it seems less and less likely this dream has any deep psychological meaning.
It was just a weird dream where my subconscious regurgitated what I'd been doing, reading, and thinking about.
How often do we try to attach too much meaning to stuff that just...is what it is? I know I have friends and relatives who try to read hidden and deep meaning into what seems to me totally explainable and sometimes even superficial comments and actions. (Or, just as commonly, lack of comments and inaction.)
My modus operandi does tend to to non-analysis of stuff. Yet, how interesting: in putting together these posts, I've analyzed this dream way beyond what I normally would, only to discover it's rooted in good old reality.
Well, what are you thinkin'? Are you a "take it as it is" kind of person, or are you always looking for the hidden agenda?

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