Saturday, August 25, 2007

About roadkill

And how's THAT for a segue from yesterday's canine inspired post!?
Because, on my way up to Ang's on Thursday later afternoon, I came across rather odd roadkill, which is saying something for me.
I think it was a goose, and it was right in the middle of the lane, and somehow in its demise, its wings were sticking straight up in the air. It made such a large hunk of roadkill, everyone was actually slowing down to go around it. And on Hilegas Road, that's quite a concession from the NASCAR-lovin' crowd.
Remember, you're reading the blog of someone who drives to work everyday on U.S. 24 West, mostly in Huntington County. I believe that certain segments of this highway are designated as "Highway of Vice Presidents" [Thank you, Dan Quayle]. [Ed.note: I was incorrect. S.R. 9 has the V.P. designation.] I think there is a much more appropriate moniker for the byway:
Roadkill Road. [I suspect some would say: vice presidents=roadkill, but no politics on a Saturday.]
Because U.S. 24 is a roadkill zoo for animals, of such great quantity and variety I believe it really should be written up in travel books as a "must-see" ride for car-vacationing tourists.
The dead things I've seen on my 15-mile stretch! Everything from the expected puppies, kittens, cats and dogs, viewed with sadness because someone either should of loved them...or did.
So many raccoons, opossums, woodchucks and squirrels you'd need that googol number to count 'em.
Worst, and biggest of all, the deer. The carnage a deer makes by the side of the road, or in the median, just shouldn't have to be viewed at 7:30 a.m. In certain seasons of the year, maybe three dead deer along the way.
Most unusual: a dead fox. Reddish brown fur. Fluffy tail. I've seen an alive one too--now that was cool.
I think the state police or the county sheriff have folks they call to pick up the bigger specimens. And that fox--I wouldn't be surprised if someone with an interest in taxidermy claimed that one. They are pretty rare to see.
But the little things--oh no. They stay put for our viewing enjoyment, and we get to witness the spectrum of disintegration.
No, I have never seen anyone picking up the roadkill whom I thought was going to eat it.
No I have never taken pictures of roadkill.
Yes I find it almost impossible to look away from the roadkill as I pass it.
The worst: skunk. Because their impression lingers on.
Well, how about you? How do you avoid roadkill?

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