Sunday, August 12, 2007

I woke up thinkin'

I went to bed thinking about some new blogs I found to read, which got me to thinking about what makes a good blog (because I had found several), and resulted in me waking up thinking about a new blog I wanted to start.
It would be a different type blog from my messy journal of seven years, Common Sensibilities. It would be more focused, more reliable, and more tightly written.
Oh, and if it could be at once funnier and more informative, well, that would be an improvement also. Also shorter, because I am busy like you, with about as much time to write as you have to read. Also, I'd be better about putting links in all the stuff I reference.
Because the blogs I read that I really enjoy, those were the qualities they shared: they were funny, or thoughtful, or provoking, or shared information on a specific topic (parenting, cooking, working at Wal-Mart). Now, they weren't all shorter, but now that is asking a lot of a writer with a lot to say. Or who loves words.
Good writing is hard: cliche for a reason. Some people have the gift--my sister, not a trained writer, is one of the few people I know who can "write funny" consistently. The guy I knew when I worked for Bowhunter Magazine--also not a trained writer, but also, indeed, funny.
I don't think you need to be a "trained writer" (whatever that is--maybe having a writing degree, or an English degree, or making a lot of lists?) to be a good writer. But being patient, open to learning, open to changing, learning how to edit ones' self -- lots of ways to learn to be "good."
So here's what I'm going to do now: I'm always thinkin' when I wake up in the morning. I'm going to write it, then think about it some more, and edit what I've written.
Then I'm going to quit and post the darn thing, because it's the Internet, not the Bible, for cryin' out loud.
So, hey, what are you thinkin'? Writers: made or born?

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Sawsee said...

Writers are made and all are born, so I guess my answer is 'Yes'. I am attempting to be humourous, rather than flippant or facetious. Although, after reading what I wrote i think I should double check the difference between flippant and facetious. Flippant reminds me of a dolphin. Or was that 'Flipper'?