Friday, August 17, 2007

About our United Way Campaign

Our company is a "Pacesetter" company. I am not entirely sure what this officially means, so I can only share my observations of a Pacesetter company in action.
It means that our campaign begins in August instead of September (that may be a big clue as to what "Pacesetter" means).
It means that we have a big red sign in the office front yard that says, "Pacesetter."
It means that we have a month of frenzied United Way promotional activity targeted at us, the employees in the seats. So far this month, we've had car-wash day, school-supply-donation day, buy-a-Nelson-chicken day, and, best of all, corn-hole-game competition day.
It means that we are offered extensive and imaginative opportunities to give above and beyond the "fair share" that gets taken out of my pay check automatically anyway. It means I can give $5 to have my car washed, spend $10 or more on school supplies, buy a ticket for a half a chicken for $6, and I don't know what the corn-hole game cost, that activity scaring me a little.
But there is a little donation I am more than happy to make. (On the record: I'm happy to make them all, and do, with the exception of any corn-hole involvement, see above.)
That donation is the $3 for a single Friday, or a mere $8 for the entire month of August, for the priviledge of Wearing Jeans on Friday.
Oh to enter the way-back machine, when I worked for a bunch of people who didn't care if I wore jeans every day! And when I had that freedom, I didn't do it! I'd actually wear OTHER fashion.
And even here ... for the first several years of my employment, we had Jeans Friday every Friday. For free. How I loved that one day a week when I could chuck the demands of business casual for the comfort of business denim.
Then controls tightened, and Friday became just another business casual day.
But not in August. No, for the support of UW, and a mere $8, we once again enjoy the the Jeans Life.
OH, the irony: I hate wearing jeans in hot weather. And it has been hot. And then I was on vacation, and missed the first Jeans Friday. And last Friday, in 90 degree heat and humidity, I went for the ever flexible Jeans Skirt.
But today: Cooler. And it's Jeans Friday. And I'm here. My fashion statement: White Jeans.
It takes so little to make grownups happy. I don't know why more efforts aren't made more often.
Well, how about you? What little work thing makes you happy?

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