Monday, August 13, 2007

About a frozen dead guy and malfunctioning 911

About the dream I'd just had. In the dream we had just gotten home from a trip. But the house we came home to was a weird combination of my childhood home and my present home. I went to the door in the walkout had three locks on it. The first two locks had been opened, but the third one was okay. I looked out the door window, to see a guy frozen just aside, like he'd been quick-frozen, as he'd been trying to break in.
There's a dead guy in our backyard! I hollered and ran upstairs. I started trying to call 911, feeling horrified that this dead man was just outside our door, and relieved that he had not broken in. I had no luck trying to get 911--either I got no answer, or I got a voice mail, or I got a wrong number.
I woke up frustrated!
Do you have weird dreams like this? Do you wonder just where in the world-inside-your-head they come from?
The 911 thing, I suspect. I called 911 early in the summer, on my way home from work, after almost running over two stray dogs. I got the wrong 911 system because I was very close to the county line, and my call had to get routed around to the right county.
But why dream of my old house? And why a frozen dead guy? And why the attempted break-in?Someone told me once that everyone in your dreams But how would I be that frozen dead guy?
Don't you wonder, why don't we dream of things we really want to happen? Like, I won the lottery and bought a vacation house on Lake Erie, or in Ft. Myers? Or, I wrote a best-seller and it's on display at B&N?
Oh no. I'm dreaming of Frozen Dead Guys in my old backyard.
Well, how about you? What dream did you wake up thinkin' about?

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