Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About my fashion

Of course you know this is the week before Labor Day, and of course you know what that means.
No, not a day off on Monday. It's the day you put those white fashions away, after carefully laundering them, of course. Because I know how much you care about fashion guidelines.
Of course there are rebels who defy the rules but we here at I Woke Up Thinkin' believe breaking rules such as this could lead to fashion chaos, like the '70s.
I like pretty clothes. I like shopping for them and I like wearing them. I like saving money on them. And as much as I hate winter, I like having two wardrobes, one for winter, one for summer. My changeover days are flexibly April 1 and October 1. Labor Day is a little early to bring the entire fall wardrobe out--early September can be pretty hot.
You know theme weeks? Like on TV, they'll show all the Christmas shows of Friends during the holiday season? Or Shark Week on Discovery Channel? Or during Homecoming Week at high school, every day has a different theme?
I have Fashion Theme Weeks. I don't announce them--although sometimes fashion-conscious friends will notice.
Sometimes my theme weeks are color-based, and sometimes they are type-based.
Like, when I went to NYC for work in May, I did a color theme--all white and red. I am sorry to report, I did wear white before Memorial Day. Just the very week before. My bad, Etiquette Grrils.
Sometimes, I get in a mood to wear skirts all week. Or pants. Or black and white. Or pastel tops. Or dresses.
My theme this week seemed so obvious. I'm sure you've guessed it. I'm wearing all my white stuff. For the last time this summer. Maybe. Unless I get in a white mood sometime in September.
The fashion rules, I only want to follow when I want to follow them. They're not the 10 Commandments, ya know. I'm not fearing eternal damnation if I decide on September 10 that I need to wear my white pants just one more time before the snow flies.
So, how about you? What fashion are you thinkin' about today?

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