Wednesday, August 29, 2007

About my bad day

The full moon is over, but its effects seem to linger.
Because yesterday at work, before 8:30 a.m., it was like bam! bam! bam!, one bad thing after another. No, you can't have this event in that meeting area. Have it here. Hey, I need these pages with all these graphics launched Sept. 1. Oh, we need this information added to those pages you finished last week, and then an enews alert sent out, yesterday. Here's another enewsletter to do in addition to those four you're working on. Oh and the intern just left and your other help is retiring...tomorrow. And it's not like I don't have this and this and this on my regular Wednesday to-do list.
How can people think that they can give you a ton of stuff to do, and you are going to drop everything you already have to do, and get their thing done? Do people really think you're sitting at your desk, staring at Outlook, waiting for their email informing you of their tasks? Because that's how they act. "Oh! I didn't know you needed two weeks to do this!" Well, I didn't need two weeks--I meant Monday of this week, and is that really so much to ask of something to be launched on the first?
Thank goodness for my part-time college student's help! I would be sunk without her.
I thought I was having a bad day, anyway, until evening. Angela had had a bad one, too -- worse than mine, actually ... hers had started out with the news that a former co-worker had passed away of breast cancer, leaving a teenage daughter.
That got me thinkin'.
You know, I had survived my day. We'd even accomplished more at work than I anticipated, and I left all that baggage in my cubicle. I was sitting at a fourth-grade football practice, watching the nuttiness that only little boys can bring to football, a last sweet, hot day of August, with the sun slanting behind me, my own daughter nearby. I had a sticky two-year-old in my lap, who wanted nothing more than to smile at me and play with my bracelets and share her (damp) crackers. After practice, I would leave with some of the people I love most in this world, and we would run an errand, and then go home, and I would finally crash. I'd sit on the couch, my laptop warm on my legs, the Cubs on TV, and I would never feel so alive, nor so happy for another bad day.

Well, what are you thinkin'? How was your day?

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