Friday, October 12, 2007

About stylin' your house

We took a walk the other night and to amuse ourselves ranked our neighbors' efforts -- or lack of them -- at fall decoration.
Now, our criteria had to be adjusted, because we have not had a frost, which means that some summer flowers are still blooming beautifully. So some impatiens, or petunias, or marigolds, for example, have not been replaced with any fall flowers.
So we had to forgive a yard that still had a mass of pink and white impatiens screaming "SUMMER!" when a next-door neighbor had more October-appropriate mums in place.
Please note, it is still not appropriate for any Christmas decorations to be seen. Absolutely none in October. Beginning in November, they may be put in place, but not lighted,until Thanksgiving week.
October is reserved for fall themes and of course Halloween.
So a house that had a few tastefully placed mum in yellow, brown, burgundy or white, with a grape-vine wreath intertwined with fall flowers an a subdued orange bow--A.
Another with cornstalks twined to the lamp post, some pumpkins dotting the walks, and a scarecrow "welcoming" visitors, also A.
Now, a house with orange twinkle lights on every bush, flashing bat neon decorations in the windows, spider webs on any bush that doesn't have lights, a blow-up Frankenstein, and more pumpkins in the yard than falling leaves: over the top, but still an A. Kids love it.
But a house with dead geraniums, or plastic flowers in pots, a faded 4th of July ribbon on the porch, and untrimmed bushes: F!
Oh yes, it was a lovely walk, and we contemplated leaving little post-it notes letting people know their rankings.
But that would have intruded on their yards' feng shui.
Well, how about you? How's your yard rank in the fall decoration competition? Any blow-up toys in YOUR yard?

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