Saturday, October 20, 2007

About sports and stuff Saturday

Well, I've got plenty of chores to do, so I woke up thinkin' about all those. And there's a lot of college football games the guys are going to want to follow for various reasons, from our own St. Francis Cougars to the train wreck that is Notre Dame to our home state Buckeyes (can they avoid the curse?).
And of course tonight is Tribe Time, and there's no way I'm missin' that game, and I am very hopeful for an Indians win, as long as Curt Shilling avoids any blood on any part of his person, awakening memories of miracles in 2004, which we don't need. So, stay whole, Curt Shilling! And, go Tribe!
So I'm goin' to do my laundry and get some lunch and run a couple errands and some other home chores, and we'll get to help out with all the grandpeeps tonight, and have some dinner, so you can see my Saturday is way too full for me to sit here and write about what I'm thinkin', because mainly I'm thinkin' about what to do next!
So, hey, quit thinkin'! Your laundry called, and said, wash me!

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