Thursday, October 11, 2007

About I need a Hero

So all last year and now this fall, I kept hearing about the show Heroes and what I heard was so intriguing I thought, well, I should watch it. If I had a minute or so at the right time, or remembered to DVR it, neither of which was happening.
So I read something in USAToday, and finally remembered to come home and DVR the next couple of episodes. Only to discover, with a little surfing, that I could watch episodes online. Which, amazingly, I actually had 45 minutes to do.
There weren't many episodes available, and they were numbered, and what I really wanted to watch was the first one. Which didn't seem to be there. And the lowest numbered one was, I think, 123. So I clicked on that...
...treating myself to 45 minutes of incomprehensibility.
Oh I know--my bad. I should have taken advantage of the wealth of backstory on the NBC website, explanations and videos and forums and God knows what else.
But I just wanted to watch TV.
Which turned out to be a mistake.
What a mishmash of characters, story line, violence, blood, lameness, guns, swords, geography, time travel, invisibility, inevitability (and lack of it), vulnerable children, and pretty faces. Oh and self-sacrifice too. With nice cinematography.
The highlight of the show for me was, at the denouement, this line was actually uttered, in all seriousness, by one of the two brothers on whom the show seemed to turn:
"You saved the cheerleader so we could save the world."
Oh, please God, save me from these Heroes!
By then I'd deduced I was watching the season finale, just from the sheer number of murders and gallons of blood, plus a quite few people jumping out of windows.
And maybe if I had watched the entire season, that cheerleader/saving the world line would have made me feel noble and whatever, instead of wanting to laugh out loud and oh yea maybe barf (like all that blood hadn't done the trick already).
I think I'll go cancel my DVR recordings.
Well, how about you? Do you have any Heroes?

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Claudia said...

I agree. After watching several episodes of this wildly popular show I wish I could just fast forward to the series finale. Interesting story line, too heavy on disturbing images.