Thursday, October 4, 2007

About rocky waters

That makes no sense, does it? Rocky waters? Rocks under the water? Choppy waters? Maybe...rocky patches. Yea, that's the ticket.
Anyway, at work we're going through a little patch of roughiness--people leaving for new jobs, divisions with different modus operandi-s attempting to work together, projects coming in late, budgets being crunched, visitors in-house, interviews conducted--business as usual, but also, busier...rockier.
Do you drive to work in kind of an intense fogginess? It's a weird zone--those 20 minutes or so between Ft. Wayne and Huntington--my getting-ready flurry done, still thinking of home things, yet knowing what's on my task list ahead.
And most of the time, I never think of those 20 minutes again. They're focused...but immediately lost as soon as I walk across the parking lot. Weird. Even if something unusual factors occur--a big roadkill (always attention-getting), an accident (hopefully nobody hurt), passing a co-worker pulled over by the state police (thank GOD it's not me).
So then you spend your day at work: This familiar territory that's full of problem solving and concentration that's becoming a little different because of changes and friends gone and new people on board, and wow, when you get out to your car--that little bit of home on wheels--it feels good. Phew. Get me the hell home.
And the drive home like the morning in reverse: letting go of the work stuff, switching gears to what's on the agenda for the evening, all leading to my best moment of the day: Changing from work clothes to home clothes. AAaahhh. Those Rocket-dogs feel good.
Well, how 'bout you? How's work comin'?

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