Monday, October 22, 2007

About next year, and next, and next

The Indians losing last night is not the most monumental baseball collapse ever. (Ask any Cub fan about that.) Or ask the 2004 Yankees--the Red Sox last victims.

The sun came up in Cleveland today, and I've not yet visited yet, but I'm sure there's a lot of second-guessing about pulling pitchers sooner, and sending/not sending Kenny Lofton home, and how some peoples' bats went dead the last three games. Fodder for conversation. Until ... next year.

And then the sun comes up again and again and again and before you know it, it's next year and everyone's hopeful again and there you go.

But first I have to get through today, because baby I'm tired. I made the commitment to watch the games, and I did, and I'm paying for it. With bags around my eyes. I'm just wanting to get through today without a nap -- much less, next year.

I'm glad I didn't spring for the $25 Tribe Time t-shirt I found on eBay. Because, unfortunately, Tribe Time is over until ... next year.

I'll root for the Rockies, because I love their story, and I now officially hate the Red Sox as much as I hate the White Sox (I loved the White Sox season ... last year!).

So, how about you? Who will you be rootin' for...this year?

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