Monday, October 1, 2007

About Facebook

I am a pathetic loser of a gramma.

Do I spend my evening baking cookies for the little ones? Do I spend hours working on precious scrapbook pages, so I can proudly display their little faces? Do I knit matching socks-and-hats for them?

Um, no. I spent my evening creating a Facebook page.

Oh, I've been on LiveJournal awhile (family blog), and have blogged on Blogger (Common Sensibilities) for several years, and just started this new blog. And I dabble in MySpace.

But I'd never tried Facebook--for one, when it launched, I definitely was not its demographic. But Web 2.0 being what it is, and social networking being what IT is, and Facebook now not quite so narrow in its members, there I went.

Cathy Dee's Facebook profile
So I whiled away a couple hours last night, filling out my profile, sending emails to my Gmail list (sorry everybody!), clicking through tab by tab. And then I discovered my weakness, as usual ... gadgets!

I admit, learning that Facebook was now open to third-party gadgets was partial impetous to me jumping on the bandwagon. Because I just love gadgets.

And I found some good ones. I particularly recommend the Bookshelf--wow, that one is slick. And the Links was easy. And the travel one--fun.

And guess what! I already have friends! In half an hour I had four! I had wall messages, regular messages, and emails and I was just as excited as if I had invented the internet. And I've got six notifications this morning.

I might be old...but I love Facebook!

Well, what's my invite? Who are you neglecting so you can update your Facebook page?

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sevnetus said...

Is there such a thing as spreading yourself too thin on these pages? It sounds like you are doing a good job of meeting interesting people. Good Luck!