Tuesday, October 16, 2007

About Halloween 'pookiness

Last night I spent a few minutes decorating the house and yard for Halloween. And that included stringing orange lights (some with pumpkin heads) on the front bushes.
I remember back in the day when decorating for Halloween meant buying a couple pumpkins and carving them up, and maybe leaning a few cornstalks on your lamp post or by your front door.
But a few years ago, stores started to offer more and more and more Halloween decorations and in my consumerism I just had to have a few. And they've piled up.
So it's a Halloween tree in the bay window, and a ceramic pumpkin on the mantle, down the way from a grapevine pumpkin.There's colorful ceramic grinning pumpkin faces on bookshelves and windowsills, and a ghost candle-holder in the kitchen. Oh and the pumpkin that lights up, also in the bay window.
Outside, and I only do this because I have so many little kids in my life, are the lighted bushes, the blow-up pumpkin in the rocking chair, and the "Happy Halloween" metal sculpture hanging on the porch column.
I know, too much.
Last night, most of the guys were over for the afternoon and for dinner. Matt noticed that Walgreens had a Burger King mask on sale, which Julian wants to be for Halloween. So he went over to get one.
He put it on before he came walking in. Taylor, age 2, looked up and waved a little.
Then she got a better look, her face froze, and she FREAKED.
Of course Matt ripped the mask off and let her see it was him, but man she was shaken. She didn't want anyone to hold her but him for awhile.
"TOO 'POOKY!" she cried.
Later, Caroline (4) wanted to put it on, and all Taylor had to do was get another look at it and she started freaking again.
Needless to say, The King got put away fast and we are not sure how she's going to react when Julian puts it on.
Well, how about you? What's freakin' you out?

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