Tuesday, October 30, 2007

About I probably like technology too much

Yea. And spend too much money on it. And it makes me happy that I live in 2007, because, well, I love technology, and I wouldn't have wanted to miss any of this.
Disclosure: My birthday is next Sunday.
Further Disclosure: I will be 52.
Full Disclosure: Even though I'm old, I'm on Facebook.
I've had arguments--discussions, anyway--about why some people embrace technology and some don't. Some old, and some young.
I think it's a function of personality and interest. And sometimes, need. (Those arguing think it's because somebody's old--showing their prejudice, in my opinion.)
People who are scared of learning, people who don't like change, people who aren't confident--those folks, those "older" folks--are the ones saying, "I hate computers." They don't have one, they might not even have cable or a cell phone, and they don't want to hear about what they're missing.
Other older folks, like my dad (84), can't get enough. He went out and box an Xbox a couple months ago and was frustrated because one...ONE...of his computers was not showing up on its network list. (Oh, yea, he has three computers: one for my mom (mostly games), a media computer (like a DVR) and his working computer.)
Sometimes it's need that drives people to computers--an illness, a need to research a business, or wanting to communicate with family members. And sometimes they learn just what they need to to get by, and sometimes they go crazy (often when they discover eBay).
I will admit, kids who have grown up with all this technology in place--no learning curve. Their brains are wired and trained, starting with their babyhood LeapPads.
You know what I bought last week? I love this little thing. It's a ionizer that plugs in to a USB port! It makes me feel GREAT!
Oh and guess what! I can get a new cell in December! I'm goin' to Verizon and check out all the new models.
Okay, so I'm a pathetic Gen-X wanna be baby boomer. That's why it so great to be old! I don't give a rip what anyone thinks!
Well, except you. Because we're thinkers. And I want to know: What little tech gadget are you wantin'? And how much time are you spendin' on Facebook?

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thesavvyboomer said...

You aren't alone. There are lots of us boomers out there who love technology and using facebook. My next tech purchase will be the Blackberry 9000 when it is hopefully released in early 2008.