Wednesday, October 10, 2007

About dancing with, or without, stars

So I missed the performances Monday night because my priority was watching the Indians BEAT THE EVIL EMPIRE, er, I mean, Yankees, and I forgot to DVR "Dancing."
But who needs to watch performances when they do everything but replay them on the results show?
And since the results show is padded like an overstuffed sofa, if I were smart I would DVR it and cut to the chase.
But at the same time, one reason I watch is, a kind of nostalgic longing for, I am so sorry, old-fashioned variety shows.
For I am of the generation that grew up watching Ed Sullivan, Carol Burnett, Laugh-in, Sonny and Cher, Dean Martin, and more.
And I miss those shows. Of course I was less selective in my youth; I'd watch about anything -- but then, we all did. Far fewer choices, then.
And I maybe I couldn't watch them now; oh maybe Carol Burnett might hold up, maybe Laugh-in, maybe the Smothers Brothers.
But a show with a little song, a little dance, a little selzer in the pants (thanks to MTM), now that was the way to spend a Saturday or Sunday evening back in the day.
And of course shows like Dancing and Idol are more focused. A little song, a little dance, but not much selzer.
If the musical is making a teensy comeback (yea, I'll mention High School Musical), maybe the variety show won't be far behind.
What do you think? Is there room in the world for another Jackie Gleason?

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