Tuesday, October 2, 2007

About the importance of adequate storage

I suppose I should write about the importance of not having too much stuff, so one does not need so much storage, but what fun is that?
What got me thinking about it is, we put some cupboards in the laundry area, and I already love them with every fiber of my being, although they have been up less than a day.
Because I can hide my messy laundry supplies in them, like the detergent, the softener, and the little lint wastebasket, creating the illusion of tidiness!
And now I don't have to look at messiness anymore (until I open the doors, of course).
See, what happened was, I had a ratty ole shelf up there, and it had developed an unhealthy sag.
Then one day I heard a bad crash, and the whole thing had gone south, very literally. Also, it made a mess I then had to clean up.
So all summer, I have been storage-less in the laundry area, and had to just throw stuff where ever it would go, and move it around and it just looked terrible.
And I got tired of it one day and we took our projecty selves to Lowe's, where I had discovered they had exactly the kind of little cupboard I wanted for a very reasonable price.
The difficulty after purchase became, when in the hell would we ever have time to put it up! The box was sitting in the garage three weeks! (Let me also add, two additional trips to Lowe's had to be made for stuff missing out of the stupid box! Like, screws.)
Little by little the cupboard was built and last night there was just enough time to get the thing very securely attached to the wall (with the help of the stud finder, an additional cost to the project of $20).
Anyway, the cupboard is up, it's full of stuff, and with any luck at all, thanks to that stud finder, it will not be falling down any time soon.
So, how about you? What are you hidin' in your storage space?

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