Wednesday, October 24, 2007

About how I spend my days, sometimes


If you call me at work,
The phone will just ring until
You hear my voice mail, not me--
For I have an important meeting today.

If you send me an email,
You shan't get a timely answer,
Just an automatic reply,
For I'm in a mandatory meeting today.

If you stop by my cubicle,
Needing information, you won't get it--
My chair will be empty,
For I'm in an imperative meeting today.

If the sun shines brightly
Outside in the dark blue sky,
And a soft breeze blows, and birds sing,
I'll never know it--for I'm deep in a meeting today.

And if the world outside would suddenly stop,
Calls cease, computers crash, everyone raptured,
It will be news to me --
For I'm in a stuck in a meeting today.

If you think that time flows unceasing,
A relentless march at a brisk pace into the future,
Well, brother, I must tell you, you're dead wrong,
For I'm in one damn long meeting today.

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