Tuesday, October 23, 2007

About when you wash a cell phone

Actual conversations:

In the car around lunchtime:

"I still can't find my phone."
"It's been almost a week!"
"I know, I looked everywhere. I just remember putting it ... somewhere."

Later, at home:

"I found your phone."
"That's the good news."
"I know." (Suddenly, he knows.)
"It's in the dryer. It's wet."
"I knew I left it somewhere."

This was one wet phone. (Also, clean! And, it smelled like Downy.)
I really thought -- actually, I still think -- it's ruined. The screen ... not good.

"I thought I looked in all my pants."

Obviously, he thought wrong. Or, he has more pants than I was aware of.

I had a bunch of laundry Saturday, and really, I must be forgiven for not finding it when I put that dark load in the washer. Must I do everything!

But really, I could not ignore the clunking it made in the dryer. I thought the dryer had broken. THAT would have cost me a lot more than the cell phone.

(Because, he has two cell phones, and this was his home one that drowned. So he has his work one as a backup. And, we're eligible for new cells in December.)

(Two cell phones. And I remember what a big deal it was to get his first pager. Good times in the way-back machine.)

So, he took the battery out and put it on top his car in the sun all day. For a couple of days. He BAKED it.

(Never shaken, just stirred.) (Never drowned, just baked.)

Just for kicks, I Googled "drying out a cell phone." And guess what! His is not the only phone ever to get a bath.

I found more information about how to dry out a cell phone than I ever imagined! These things must be droppin' like raindrops!

For example, on wikihow>

Tonight, he started to recharge it, brave soul. The report so far:

"The keys lit up when I plugged it in!" (One expensive nightlight.)

Well, I wouldn't be sittin' around waitin' for any calls from him, but stay tuned.

How 'bout you? Saved anything from drowning lately?

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