Thursday, September 13, 2007

About 100,000

If you love candy like me, maybe when you hear the number "100,000," you think of a $100,000 Grand candy bar, which upon Googling to find out the correct name, I just discovered has been renamed the $100 Bar, I don't know why.
But the $100,000 Grand candy bar I love has chocolate, crispies, caramel and God knows what else, and it is wonderful. I haven't had one in some time, having made quite the effort to lose 50 pounds a couple of years ago, and these little pieces of heaven not exactly being conducive to that endeavor. However, having now gotten the image of this tasty tidbit in my head, one sure sounds good....
But candy is not what has got me thinkin' about 100,000. For a change. No, it's my car that's put 100,000 in my head. Because sometime today, probably on my way home from work, somewhere between Roanoke and Ft. Wayne, I'm guessing, my odometer is going to flip over just one little number, from a "9" to a "0," and my car will officially pass the vehicular milestone that will take it from hearty middle-age to senior citizenship.
My little silver car will have 100,000 miles on it.
I've known it was coming, of course--last oil change, Dwayne-my-mechanic warned me I'd be needing my 100,000-mile tuneup next time. I think it was then the feeling of dread descended on my driving, and I began watching the odometer tick away miles, each one bringing my buggy closer to The Milestone.
A friend at work has a gold Chevy Cavalier that has served her well and has over 120,000 miles on it. Just yesterday she took it to Dwayne. She's been hearing an annoying whining noise and wanted it checked out. Dwayne's diagnosis?
"It's just getting old."
I feel that pain. I'm whining a lot more too, now that I've passed the equivalent in human miles (that would be, 50 years).
Here's the good news about my near AARP-ready car: four more payments and it's mine!
Tonight I'll be driving along, just like any other night, listening to All Things Considered and planning my evening. But I'll be odometer-watching too, and I'm going to have my camera ready to a couple of snaps. Why not celebrate the inevitable?
I think I'll buy a $100,000 Grand bar, and have it ready. No better way to mark a milestone than with chocolate, right?
How about you? What milestone will be you celebratin' with a candy bar?
[Update: It happened on my way home]

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