Tuesday, September 25, 2007

About buying stuff on eBay

Because it's addictive, and you can get really good deals, and there's just so much stuff there, and if you lose once you just try again, and SOMEBODY MAKE ME STOP.
My latest, best buy: A Pioneer Inno XM radio/MP3 player. The long hours at work are so hard to fill with good entertainment as I stare at my screens. This Inno will let me record up to 50 hours of XM radio recordings...and listen all week at work. I may have just cured my workday ennui!
These little babies retail for $300 or $400, depending on which model you get. I paid...$95. For a used-once box full of musical possibilities.
Now I'm bidding on a car kit, which retail for about $70. I'm hoping to snag one for $40. Keep your fingers crossed.
What else have I bought? Oh, cheap Italian charms...handbags...a PCTV tuner...my bluetooth earpiece...a new cell phone battery...picture printer cartridges.
What I need to do is SELL on eBay. But that enterprise seems fraught with stress. The receipts, the postage, the shipping, the shipping materials, the feedback. I sold a used book once--ONCE--on Amazon, and the lady got mad because it was sent third class book rate, and she lived on the West Coast, and the book took forever to get there, and she sent me a nasty email, and I was very freaked about it, and never tried it again.
I guess I am a buyer, not a seller.
Well, how about you? Are you buyin', or sellin'?

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