Wednesday, September 5, 2007

About our disenchantment with the opening of yet another Wal-mart

Stunning to think that we would actually be less than pleased over the building of a new shopping facility, yet it is so.
Because a new Wal-mart is being built just five minutes from Angela's house, and none of us care. Because we already have plenty of Wal-marts to shop at, all a reasonable driving distance away, PLUS a Sam's Club, and because we had hoped it was going to be a Target going in there. Our hopes were sadly dashed.
I have seen a very few Wal-marts in rather more upscale areas (say, Naples, Florida) that are architecturally more interesting than the usual gray/tan/blue box, but early indications of construction hint that this will not be one of them. It's going to be just another big-box discount store plopped in a former field, with too much parking lot.
Shopping at Wal-mart is like being sucked into a yawning maw of merchandise and fluorescent lights, noise and movement, a maze of aisles with little chance of early escape. It's just really hard to "run into Wal-mart and get a gallon of milk."
Don't the workers always look happy in the Wal-mart commercials? Sometimes they even break into song! I've yet to find a Wal-mart with equally happy folks, and the only singing I hear is the Muzak. Although I have encountered some pretty chipper greeters, now that I think of it.
And where's that bouncy little smiley-face guy? The one with no body? I've never seen him flying around, like the snitch in a Quidditch match. I bet he's in the break room, smoking. Somebody has to hold the cigarette for him because he's got no hands.
Want a little taste of what it's like to work at Wal-mart? Try this blog»
Well, what are you thinkin' about shopping? Are you longin' for the K-mart days? Or does Target get your business?

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