Wednesday, September 19, 2007

About go, Tribe

I don't even know if I can characterize the kind of baseball fan I am.
Casual? Check. Fair weather? Oh yea. (Which is why I'm not a CUBS fan, like the rest of my family.) Only mildly informed? Right. Rabid when the need arises? Amen.
In other words, GO INDIANS.
I grew up in northern Ohio, and the drone of a baseball game on the radio was as much a part of summer as the crickets and the rumble of thunder in the distance. In the '60s, baseball was still America's game, and its presence more ubiquitous than now.
So after I moved here, to northern Indiana, my interest waned a bit, plus the Indians sucked. But when Jacobs Field opened in the '90s, and the team improved, I came back. Don't even mention Tampa Bay to me.
And my heart's been broken over the past decade more than once. Yet here we are again, in control of a pennant race, just three Cleveland wins/Twinkie losses away from going to the post-season one more time.
So the first thing I do every morning is check my Google homepage, which has a scores/standings module on it. And if I'm online at night, I've got Gameday on, following the game. And if the Tribe is playing the White Sox, I get to see them. Or if they are the game of the week. Or if I'm visiting Ohio.
We could clinch this weekend. I may need a doctor visit for some Xanax for October. Cleveland Rocks.
Hey, what about you? Who's takin' you out to the ballgame?

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