Saturday, September 1, 2007

About Chinese buffets

Because we took a retiring coworker out to lunch at one yesterday.
Mind you, we work in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, Indiana.
And yet, here is a huge Chinese buffet, and I mean two long hot-buffet tables, a cold salad-bar type table, and, really, a Mongolian grill.
Because we go at lunch, I have never seen them using the grill, but it's there--I suppose they use it at night.
This Chinese buffet is called China Gardens, and there is a huge mural of the Great Wall on one wall.
And I believe it is run by real Chinese people. Speaking some form of real Chinese.
In Huntington, Indiana.
How do real Chinese folks find Huntington, Indiana, in the first place? And how, oh how, do they make the decision to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a beautiful, free-standing restaurant building (which it is--red brick outside, big windows, cathedral ceilings) and start a buffet restaurant there? In Huntington, Indiana?
And they are shrewd business people who know their clientèle, for not only do they have hot-and-sour chicken and pepper chicken and all the usual Chinese buffet items, but also chicken legs and french fries and salad. For those Huntingtonians who prefer their international cuisine be tempered with familiarity.
I'm glad the Chinese found Huntington, 10,000 miles (or so) from home.
How about you? What food groups did you wake up thinkin' about?

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